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I Make U Safer

I will guide you with step by step strategies on how to arm yourself with complete self defense life-skills to protect yourself & loved ones, just from your first training

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    Self Defense is NOT just about learning cool physical techniques. My simple proven processes and strategies will empower you to.

    • DISCOVER your Right, Responsibility, Rationale & Resource to protect yourself & your loved ones, you may never knew existed

    • DISCERN the myths and triggers that impact your effectiveness in managing confrontations, sudden violence & aggression

    • DEPLOY optimal strategies & tactics to defend yourself and face life's challenges without FEAR or compromise

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    Master Leon reveals the 3 step process to be able to effectively protect yourself & your loved ones against violence and aggression.

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    Master Leon reveals his proven 3 step process to protecting yourself & your loved ones, without martial arts

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    Signature Courses

    Checkout my most popular courses. These are recently updated with all new content.

    Human Weapon Challenge

    This is a self defense training with a difference for anyone who wants to quickly acquire self defense skills to deal with an sudden violence and aggression. This unique course will change the way you look at self defense and enhance your ability to defend yourself in just days

    SAFER Essentials

    This course empowers participants with the skill to enhance their safety as part of a comprehensive framework for self defense.  

    Self Defense skills goes beyond just the fighting skills, but also the necessary support skills like detection strategies, verbal skills & security planning

    SAFER Against Weapons

    This course empowers participants with the core concepts and skills to survive an attack with an edged or impact weapon.  

    This includes threat discrimination, mindset and decision making frameworks for reactive and proactive response.

    Certification Courses

    Kummooyeh - Instructor Bridging Program

    Note: This is not a self defense program, but a martial arts program. 

    A bridging program for black belts of martial arts program/systems to qualify to teach official and offer recognized certification to students.

    Applicants are who wish to incorporate sword based techniques and concepts into their curriculum, or initiate a stand-alone program.

    Kummooyeh - Head Instructor Certification Program

    Note: This is not a self defense program, but a martial arts program. 

    This course are for martial art school owners who have completed the instructor bridging program and demonstrated intermediate to advanced proficiency of kummooyeh to independently grade their students up to the black belt ranks. 

    KAPAP Krav Maga Instructor Course

    This course is for martial artist who would like to embark on a concept based teaching methodology used by KAPAP Krav Maga, developed by Major Avi Nardia, and employed by the Israeli counter terrorist unit, YAMAM.  

    What My Students Say About Me

    These are just some of my students I have worked with personally and empowered them with the with confidence and skill to protect themselves.

    Master Leon teaches with simple concepts and steps, that makes it easy to understand....

    Cindy, Marketing Professional

    ... I wouldn't have known of the emotional & psychological aspects of self defense.. Important soft-skills not taught in many other self defense classes...

    Royce, Pilot & TKD Black Belt

    Inspite of embodiment of all the knowledge, he really cares for his students...

    Brenda, Corporate Trainer

    My Thoughts on Self Defense 

    Watch some of my popular videos , that have helped many individuals like you become safer

    Be your Own Bodyguard

    One myth about your safety that can cost you dearly

    Self Defense & Size

    I reveal my thoughts on self defense and debunk the myth about size in self defense, and its probably not what you think

    Someone Died...

    About Master Leon


    • International board of director - Avi Nardia Academy KAPAP Krav Maga

    • Expert Advisor - Singapore Arm Forces Close Quarter Combative Program

    • Chief Trainer, Asia - KAPAP Krav Maga

    • Founder - CADRE Self Defense & Martial Arts Academy

    • Country Director - Bram Frank CSSD

    • Country Representative - World Kummooyeh Federation

    • Examiner - World Kummooyeh Federation

    • National Examiner - Singapore Taekwondo Federation

    • National Course Trainer - Singapore Taekwondo Federation

    • Adjunct Lecturer - Republic Polytechnic

    • National Coach (Former) - Singapore Taekwondo Federation

    • Head TKD Coach (Former) - National Combined University

    • This is a regular list item


    • 7th Dan KAPAP Krav Maga (Israeli Jiujitsu)

    • Level 4 KAPAP Krav Maga

    • 7th Dan Taekwondo

    • 4th Dan Kummooyeh 

    • Master Level Kummooyeh 

    • 2nd Dan Arnis

    • SPEAR System Coach

    • CQB Level II Instructor

    • CQB Handgun Instructor

    • Special Forces Combative Instructor

    • Certified Behavioral Analyst

    • Applied Psychology

    • Sports and Exercise Science